Reporting Audit Results:

The audit results are first sent to the Audited Entities higher officials to get replies of the measures taken and their opinions about the suggested audit recommendations. The next principal instrument for reporting is the Auditor General’s Annual Report to the House of  Peoples’ Representatives. This report contains the results of audit opinions on transactions, financial statements, compliance and other matters related to the financial accounts of the government and performances of government offices.

Parliamentary Committee:

Government Expenditure, Administration and Control Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives is required to review whether public money was spent for the approved purposes and with due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

It bases much of its work on the Auditor General’s reports. The Committee holds hearings that are attended by the Auditor General, the audit team, and senior officials of the audited entities to review audit findings.

After the hearing, the Committee gives order to auditees’ higher officials and reports same to the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

The audited entities are required to report back to the Committee on what they have done in response to recommendations. Other committees of the House of Peoples’ Representatives may hold hearings on other aspects of the Auditor General’s reports.