Regularity Audit

The Regularity Audit Manual is part of an overall process to uplift SAIs in the AFROSAI-E region to a professional standard. The manual is in accordance with the ISSAIs (1000-2999); which means full compliance with all relevant ISAs and the additional guidance set out in the INTOSAI Practice Notes to the ISAs. An AFROSAI-E central technical team is responsible for maintaining and updating the manual.

Regularity Audit in context entails expressing an opinion as to whether or not the financial statements are prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with an identified/applicable financial reporting framework and/or statutory requirements. In addition to this, regularity audit in the public sector often also include additional audit objectives such as:

  • Reporting instances of non-compliance with authorities including budget and accountability, and/or
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of internal control

A heavy emphasis on the manual is to provide relevant working papers and examples in the environment of the public sector. The working papers have also been drafted to try and take into account that most practitioners are not qualified accountants and assistance is needed to ensure aspects such as quality control requirements are met. (